Teen Counseling

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

– Rumi

Teens Face Immense Challenges

Teens face immense challenges as they make the transition to adulthood. The young people I work with often deal with intense internal and external pressures. They experience demands from parents and teachers on school work and exams as well as in preparing for and making decisions and plans after high school.


Relationships, Approval and Losses

Social media and peer pressure, concerns about sexuality and questions about gender (LGBTQQIA+ issues) can negatively impact a teen’s developing sense of self and identity. Friendships and relationships can trigger strong, confusing and overwhelming feelings. Teens may experience a trauma such as parents divorcing, separation or loss of a loved one that can cause anxiety and depression.


Working with Teens

This phase can be a time of tremendous turmoil, confusion and also potential. Therapy can be a safe place beyond what family and friends can offer to question, be heard, and to develop and grow. I help teens to identify and express feelings, choose healthy patterns and behaviors and move toward adulthood with confidence and clarity.


Working with Parents

I also help parents to teach them the skills to foster healthy and open communication with their children and guide them effectively.

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She gently challenges my old habits and thought patterns…

“I am very grateful to have Jane in my life. She is a very talented therapist that has helped learn to manage my anxiety and depression. I find her to be relatable and very easy to talk to. I appreciate how she gently challenges my old habits and thought patterns, guiding me along until I learn to challenge them myself (yes, that means she cannot ‘fix’ you, only you can do that!). I have been seeing Jane for a little over one year now and I cannot express the change I feel in my everyday life. I highly recommend her as a therapist!”
– EG, San Francisco

Resources for Parents of Teens  – to inform, support and inspire you

Untangled – Book by Lisa Damour, PhD

Untangled – Book by Lisa Damour, PhD

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Emotional Intelligence From a Teen Perspective | Maximilian Park

Emotional Intelligence From a Teen Perspective | Maximilian Park

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