My Approach

My approach is warm, heart-centered and innovative. Based on integrating your emotional, physical and spiritual voices, we build a container of compassionate self awareness. As your witness and guide, we will look at different aspects of your life—including your history, current circumstances, and your goals for the future, exploring what has purpose and meaning for you.

Together, we will look at different aspects of your life—including your history, current circumstances, and your goals for the future.

  • Depending on your needs, I incorporate these modalities into the body of our work:

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma and other forms of psychological stress. EMDR works to help process the habitual defense responses that get locked in the body and the mind. With EMDR, we will retrain your brain and body to respond with flexibility and resilience to life’s challenges through inviting both halves of your brain to work cooperatively. This rewrites our outdated life scripts to reflect more accurate perspectives that are in alignment with past and present reality.

Bodynamics is a body centered developmentally based system that integrates movement, muscles and psychological development. In response to different developmental learning and skill building our body mind responded by developing and mastering healthy resources, collapsing and giving up, or by hanging on with intense and sometimes rigid over energy. As we grow our body takes on the shape of our collective experiences around health, collapse or hanging on. Bodynamics views the challenges as a form of under resourcing, where we didn’t get something we needed. The good news is that through integrating verbal and body awareness, we can unlock old and persistent physical, emotional and mental patterns, so that you have a good experience in growing missing skills and a sense of evolving mastery. This work leads towards greater health, strength and confidence and will be reflected in the way you carry yourself and interact with the world.


  • What is your experience without your defenses? Let’s find out!

Through the lens of Systems Centered Therapy, SCT, we will collaborate and create our own system, oriented toward understanding and releasing blocks around anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, fear, shame, withdrawal and isolation. These prevent us from living in the present moment and experiencing joy, happiness and connection. Through this work, you will access your life force, the vital energy inside you so that you can live freely, fully exploring your experience in the present moment, the only one that really matters.

These steps are foundation to create deep intimacy with others in all our life contexts: partners, friends, family, work and developing a larger awareness and perspective of ourselves in the world.