Couples often come to counseling when they are having difficulty resolving conflicts related to communication, finances or sexual intimacy. You may be experiencing distance, frustration or hopelessness in your relationship, or feel that your partnership lacks the passion or romance it once had.

My work with you as a couple will focus on teaching relationship skills that allow each person to speak and listen from the heart, cultivating a partnership based on mutuality, love and respect allowing you can be fully known and understood. I’ll guide you toward building openness and intimacy in your relationship so that you can move toward positive changes that will strengthen you as individuals and as partners.

I’ll help you and your partner say what needs to be said, that sometimes comes out in a more defended way, so you can recognize reactive behavior and understand what your partner is actually feeling. Things aren’t always what they appear to be. Your partner may communicate in a way that hides something tender inside.

I work with couples of all sexual orientations, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.