About Me


Hello my name is Jane Steinberg. I’m happy that you came to my website.

I grew up in a military family where my father was an officer in the Marines, so I know the challenges and strengths of frequent moves, finding myself in new environments and re-creating my life. In my journey, I have successfully strengthened my access to my inner authority after having lived within a military model where everything is focused on following an outer authority. I’m glad I did all the hard work as I have found my own strength and freedom while maintaining my capacity to take in important information from the outside world.

As a child of 10 in North Carolina, I discovered horses, and I’ve been hooked on them ever since. My creative passion is expressed through connection with horses, a love I share with my partner. Over the past few years, I’ve been studying a model of equine therapy where the horse is a co-therapist in the work. We have also been looking for land so I can realize my dream of blending horses into my depth psychotherapy practice.

For 20 years now, in my psychotherapy practice, I have been inspiring others toward meaningful work and relationships, as well as a fulfilling sense of access to their spirituality and creativity, incorporating insights from neuroscience, PTSD and trauma treatments, attachment theory, and developmental systems. This work is about finding your own voice and being able to discern, when listening to other voices, what is useful and to let go of what is not.

I received an M.A. degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and have fully completed the Foundation Level training in Bodynamics, along with other in-depth trainings, in this body-oriented, developmental model of psychotherapy.

Over the last four years, I have immersed myself in learning Systems Centered Training (SCT) that has profoundly affected my perspective of myself, others, and the process of therapy. With the SCT lens, I have learned that I can let go of anxiety and worry about the future and regret about the past to come into my full experience of the present, and I am excited about helping others to take these steps on this journey, as well.

Presently, I am a founding member of the SCT Bay Area Board, focused on promoting trainings for Therapists, Organizational Development Consultants, and Educators, and group therapy experiences for those with an interest in being themselves fully. My excitement about these trainings is fueled by creating more opportunities for therapists and other professionals who are taking the abundant resources in SCT into their professional practices and making them available to those who seek change in their lives. What I love about SCT is that it allows us to come out of our stories and move from taking things personally, inside our belief systems, to a larger perspective of discovering more intimacy and freedom in relating to ourselves and to others.

My past affiliations include active membership in the San Francisco Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, where I served as its Vice-President and President. I have been a member of the Disaster Mental Health Team with the San Francisco Chapter of the American Red Cross, and I was a Military and Family Life Consultant for MHN, providing counseling and support to military service members and their families in the U.S., Hawaii and Europe.

I have lived in the Bay Area for twenty years, drawn to its rich culture of learning and awareness, and its natural beauty. Being in Nature — hiking, soaking in hot springs, swimming and camping — are where I find the space for deep relaxation and to balance the demands of my work with attention to self-care and my partner. Some of my greatest learning comes from a supportive and healthy partnership committed to truth, honesty and creating a safe space for vulnerability and joy. In my free time, I can be found on the hills and trails of Marin county or meditating quietly in the hammock in my backyard.